XuZhou QUANJIAFU Fitness Equipment Ltd. is a collection development, production, marketing as one of the enterprises to.
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  • Company to "responsibility, innovation, health and dedication" as a concept, focusing on the development of health.
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  • Although far future, our eyes farther. Specialized equipment has been more than 20 provinces physical culture, a large fitness club use.
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  • The birth of the company, ending China fitness equipment industry, "drift" style has stayed history.
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  • The company will continue to be improved to better quality and reputation of return users, social return.
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  • To the community to provide the best products, the most efficient service is the mission of the whole family.
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  • An efficient, pragmatic and visionary management team, there are a large number of chain brand club in the use of QUANJIAFU portrait instruments.
  • XuZhou QUANJIAFU Fitness Equipment Ltd. is a collection research Development, production, marketing as one of the enterprises, the business rationale Idea is: technological innovation, quality assurance...

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